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Planning & preparation, one is no good without the other. Too often, tax deadlines can surprise the tax payer. We work with our clients to make sure we mitigate all problems arising from the potential problems of missing required tax filing deadlines as well as the proper payments necessary to avoid penalties or interest from the under payment of estimated individual & business taxes for the various state & Federal government agencies.


Whether you are a musical company, successful traditional business or a high-net worth individual, our experienced professionals can build and execute the proper strategies to take mitigate the impact of taxes and fee on business operations. We monitor throughout the year all areas of income to correctly plan and manage their financial intricacies to minimize taxes while adhering to the goals for which are set.

As such, we specialize in the following:
Federal & State Income Tax Returns
Payroll & Sales Tax Returns
Estimated Tax Payments & Projections
Communication between you and the proper taxing authorities
City & State Business, Excise & License Returns
Personal Property Tax Statements and Secretary of State Registrations




Humphres Business Management, LLC

342 Cool Springs Blvd. Suite 101
Franklin, TN 37067

Tel:  (615) 497-0709


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